2023's got already trending colours

Colours are not just colours anymore.

In order to decide the colours of the year in 2023, aesthetics could no longer be the only factor. Analyzing the reactions that a colour stimulates both consciously and unconsciously in our brain allows us to make conscious choices giving value to everyday life and using all the tools in our possession to make it as positive as possible.

Consumers are increasingly focusing on relaxing rituals and balance in their everyday lives. At the same time, mental and physical health is a top priority and must be protected.

WGSN and the creators of the Coloro colour system have jointly predicted that Verdigris, Digital Lavender, Luscius Red, Tranquil Blue and Sundial will be the colours of the year in 2023 and they presented this selection with a video made not just for the sight but also able to engage hearing and touch.

Which feelings do these colours evoke?

Verdigris: invigorating, retro, digital.
Digital Lavender: stability, balancing, healing.
Luscious Red: immersive, sensorial, hyper-real.
Tranquil Blue: calm, still, clarity.
Sundial: organic, authentic, humble.

Federica Belloni

Federica Belloni

Researcher in the field of experiential design.