3D Wall Carve to transform interiors in a sensory emotion.

3D Wall Carve ​is ​a selection of three-dimensional surfaces with somber tones and minimal microtextures​ made by Atlas Concorde​.​ Walls decorated with abstract designs or sinuous patterns, sculpted and embellished by natural or artificial light, stand out in residential interiors, wellness and hospitality spaces, and retail venues.

3D Wall Carve, inspired by natural stone, conveys a sensitive emotion to the eyes and touch, fully translating the detail and beauty of the artisan’s expert workmanship.For 3D Wall Carve, Atlas Concorde called on the designer Piero Lissoni who developed a capsule of two patterns for the collection: 3D Sign and 3D Squares. To design these two structures, the designer drew inspiration from the relationship between technique and art, seeking to bring the authentic craftsmanship of handcrafted stone to the ceramic surface.​

3D Wall Carve is a collection dedicated to contemporary design to enrich spaces with a perception of craftsmanship and technique through a language of sensory emotions with infinite nuances.

Federica Belloni

Federica Belloni

Experienced content manager at Sensorydesign.com and researcher in the field of experiential design.